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Mitchell Avo 550 Slingshot 10ft

Mitchell Avo 550 Slingshot 10ft

Martin Delport

I fished a Pro Mania at Ardenza (Vaaldam), with Visarend Angling Club.

I drove through the huge storm we had at around 04H00 in the morning, fearing they would cancel the event. I called my friend Nico – the organizer - and luckily it was still a go. We arrived in the rain, and with some fortune, I pulled peg 30. Luck was on my side, since this was an end peg in what I know is the deeper water. I and my peg mate were rather glad about the peg I pulled, because experience taught me at Ardenza that to the right of the pegged water is where you want to be.

Already at this stage, the confidence levels were high, even in the pouring rain. They club decided to only start the competition at 08H00, and we would fish up till 16H00.

 07H30 we drive down, and start unpacking. Thankfully we were prepared for the weather, so under umbrellas, we geared up, and were ready to fish hard. My first bomb hits the water at 60m clipped and the second at 100m clipped using my 10ft Berkley Teccarp for the shorter distance and my 12ft Mitchell Slingshot for the deeper cast. To find the fish first was my game plan, and then to keep them there was my mission. 30 minutes in and my short rod reel goes screaming, and smack bang into a large mouth yellow fish. I haven't seen these large mouth yellows in a long time, especially at Ardenza.


This fish bended my 10ft Rod with ease. Second cast, 10 minutes later, into a small carp. The large mouth yellows started becoming a bit of a problem at a stage, and I caught around 6 of them already. Because South African rules state that you are not allowed to weigh “largies”, I was busy wasting my time with these yellows… At least they gave a nice fight! Therefore I decided to move my distance 10 meters further. This benefited me because I was straight into the carp.


My long rod took much longer, but patience paid off, as near the end I landed a nice size carp of around 2.2kgs, and for the day we were having, that was a big fish. I ended the competition winning overall with 9 fish for 9.145kgs. A little weight (M0) and patience was key to the days fishing. What I noticed was the pegs next to us started to panic a little to early, changing dips and distance way to quickly on a day that was very tough fishing. What I do know, on a day like this, I always stick to my basics, don't panic and fish with confidence right to the end, even if nothing goes your way, it is always better than sitting at home.


The dips I used the whole day was FX / Devilsfork and Oxblood / Vicks. I never once changed, just because those dips have worked for me at this venue before, and I was confident in my decision. Attached photos are of myself playing a nice size carp in the rain, unfortunately my battery on my phone died right before I was going to net the fish, but hope the photos are clear enough of the Mitchell Slingshot and Avo Carp 550 reel.


I would also like to place an order in for another two Avocarp 550 reels. I simply love the reels, and would like a set for my 13ft rods as well. 


I gave a couple of friends a few casts with the combinations a while back and they simply loved it!

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18 April 2015-Taaibos HK Biermans
25 April 2015-Fanie PM Leeuplaas

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